Regina Daniel Biography And Net Worth 2024

Regina Daniel

Reginal Daniels is a Nollywood film actress and a model. she was born in Asaba, Nigeria on October 10, 2000. her mother is Rita Daniel who is an actress and film producer her mother is chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) in delta state, Nigeria

Reginal Daniel is the daughter of Barrister Jude Ojeogwo, and spoiler alert, barrister Jude Ojegwo did not give his blessings for 19 years old daughter then to marry ned Nwoko father of Reginal Daniels reveals her age, says Ned Nwoko is more than 59 years old. the father of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, Barrister Jude Ojeogwo has revealed in a fresh interview that her daughter is not 20 years, contrary to what some people think

Reginal Daniel Married With Prince Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko is a professional lawyer, politician, businessman

with a net worth of 52.2 billion which is equal to #46,557,180,000

Ned Nwoko is a prince of the Nwoko royal family of the Idumeje Ugboko Kingdom in Delta state. The Idumeje Ugboko People trace their ancestral roots to the Benin Kingdom and so base their traditions on the Benin Dynasty. Ned Nwoko is also a successful UK-trained lawyer. He was born on the 21st of December 1960. Prince Ned Nwoko converted to Islam while in the UK where he studied Law and History for his first Degree at the Unversity of Keele and further completed a Masters's Degree and Ph.D. both in Law at the King's College, London, and the University College, Belize respectively.

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Reginal Daniel's Net Worth

Recent data and some online sources suggest that the beautiful actress is worth a handsome value. However, we must say that the figures are not verifiable as there are no standard measurement metrics to track the wealth of most private individuals and celebrities. Still, we believe Regina is worth a good amount if you consider that she earns as much as ₦600,000 for each movie she performs in. Remember also that she recently married a billionaire, so it is logical if we estimate her worth to be in the region of $500,000 to $2 million i.e about ₦500 million and above.

Reginal Daniel Net worth in naira

Since Regina has married a billionaire, she becomes one of the most famous female Nigerian celebrities despite that she is also a popular artist who made a lot of his income from movie activating, Reginal Daniel said to an estimated net worth of  500 million nairas

Reginal Daniel with luxurious cars

Reginal Daniel has many numbers if luxurious and expensive cars which are listed below:

Reginal Daniel's car

Reginal Daniel

Reginal Daniel

Regina Daniel

  1. 2016 Mercedes Benz gl450that worth ₦24.2 Million which she purported was a wake-up gift by a special someone about the middle of May 2019.
  2. Lexus RX300 that worth #21million to celebrate her admission to Igbinedon university in Benin city.
  3. Mercedes Benz ml 350 is estimated to cost about #37 million
  4. 2012 Mercedes Benz c-class that worth #36 million the car purchase from American used car sellers.
  5. Brabus adventure Mercedes Benz G wagon worth #120 million 

and other seven cars


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How Old Is Reginal Daniel?

Reginal was born on October 10, 2000, that's   she is 22 years old

List Of Films Act By Reginal Daniel

  1. Python Girl
  2. The Bat-Man
  3. The Jericho
  4. Plantain Girl
  5. Jaja the Great
  6. Enemy within// Directed by Mayor Ofoegbu
  7. The Jericho (as producer)
  8. Twins Apart (as producer)
  9. Tears of Ojiugo
  10. Amara Queen of the jungle
  11. Resident Evil// Directed by Mayor Ofoegbu
  12. Wipe your Sorrows
  13. Royal Covenant
  14. Traditional War (Part 1)
  15. Stronger Than the Gods
  16. The King and The Python
  17. Hanging Coffin
  18. Evil messenger 1 and 2
  19. Queen Rebeca
  20. Shakira: the selfie queen
  21. Eziama: Land of blood
  22. Royal dreams
  23. Pains of Royalty
  24. Land of slaves
  25. Slave girl
  26. The stolen Beads
  27. Naked sacrifice

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