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Broda Shaggi


Samuel perry commonly known as Broda Shaggi is one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria, today am gonna show you some interesting stories about "Broda Shaggi" 

Broda Sharggi was born in Ikene Ogun State on 7th July 1993. That's he is 29 years old, he grows up in Ikine Ogun state because her dad was born in Ikene Ogun state and works as a teacher in the town, her mum was born in Ogun State. Broda shaggi's have been tried to entertain his classmate since his childhood he used to teach and lead his classmate in cultural dance in school even in the church he used to act in dramas as a kid, and he is so creative in drawing, in his secondary school, he was represented in his school to go for drawing competition, among 36 school his school got the first position true him he was been rewarded hounded thousand naira cash in the competition, this makes input much effort in drawing by that time but what departs from the artwork is that after he has wasted is the effort on drawing he was unable to sell his artwork and the drawing as he said during an interview on


Shaggi completed his elementary education in Ogun state and obtained both his first school living certificate and senior secondary school certificate all in Ogun State, he later proceeded to his higher institution in Lagos state university (UNILAG). where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree

Broda Shaggi Relatives

1. Jumbo

uncle jumbo was Shagg's elder sister according, is the one who gave him is a platform to showcase his talent in his tv series as an upcoming artist.

2. Sophia Ojireghene

Who anti Shaggi to Broda Shaggi

Sophia is the lady that used to interview Broda Shaggi in his comedy skits, she used to "Broda Shaggi when Shaggi we said anti-Shaggi" this makes people to call him anti-Shaggi, most people think that Broda Shaggi's girlfriend which is capital no according to Shaggi they meet at movie location where they share an idea and connect together to act comedy then Shaggi has finished is NYSC.

3. Officer Woos

Oladapo Gbadamonsi usually acts like a police officer in Broda Shaggi;'s comedy the guy like acting comedy with Shaggi as he said during an interview 
and Yemi Eleso, lawyerKunle, Sydney talker, Nastyblack.

Broda Shaggi's Net Worth

Shaggi is among the most influential, richest comedians in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of 300,000 dollars which equivalent to #3600,345,000 naira in Nigeria currency note

Broda Shaggi's Car

the below car was given from Davido to Broda Shaggi during the campaign of is uncle
Shaggi's car

But later shaggi bought this car after👇
shaggi's car 

Broda Shaggi's Songs

1 oya hit me
2 okoto
3 gbedu
4 star
5 kwarantine
6 pariwo
7 weeken vibe
8 assurance
9 wake up
10 ori
11.keke oh
12 serere
13 black skin boy
14 fo fine boy agbero
15 girlfriend
16 copy disappoint
17 ibadi
18 nor nor
19 fine girl
20 my year
21 hom
22 mechanic
23 interlude
24 in molue to london
25 heaven
26 shi
27 tonight
28 kiri koto
29 bushman
30 Cross my lane
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