Cameroonians Get Angers As Kizz Daniel Gets Paid 45 Million Perform In Cameroon While Home Artist Got 500k


MC Charlene made this post and many people got angry. 

Cameroonians are crying again after they heard Kizz Daniel was Paid 70000 Dollars to perform in CAMEROON. That is about 45 million francs.  

No Cameroonian artiste has been paid 30 million to perform here in a long while. So Cameroonians think Companies value foreign Acts more. 

Now Listen 

Kizz Daniel can be paid this money in any country in the world and they are rushing him. In fact, his schedule is that tight. 

He can still be paid this in Nigeria and even more.  

Kizz Daniel is Global, he has more fans in Cameroon than Cameroonian artists. 

Statistics show that 40% of TikTok videos on “Buga “ by Kizz Daniel came from CAMEROON. 

If Burna Boy is coming to CAMEROON now as we speak, he can even be paid 100k dollars. Surprising? No.

Burna can get this and even more in any country, he is invited to. It is not a Cameroonian thing. 

These artists are products and they have acquired so much value over the years that they can be sold in any market globally at very Exciting prices. 

Burna Boy can and will sell more tickets in CAMEROON than any Cameroonian artiste. 

Now how do you expect him to be paid the same with people he has created 90% more value than them .  

Cameroonian artists are still struggling to be National but Burna and Kizz Daniel are Global. Their value is so high that they can make any money anywhere and anytime.  

This is a result of hard work, networking, marketing, consistency, and branding.  Content-wise their content is top-notch. 

We know you are about to ask us whether Cameroonian artists are not hard working or consistent too.  

Well, these things take time, and we do not doubt the fact that they might even get bigger in the future but for now, we have to respect those that are on top. 

Why is Jovi paid more than any artiste in CAMEROON? That’s because of the value and influence he has created over the years. 

His own is at the national level While Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel, and Davido are Global.  Is it possible for him to grow that big someday too? Yes but for now so much work has to be done in the aspects of Branding, marketing, and networking. 

Wizkid, Davido, Kizz Daniel, Asake, Rema, Burna Boy, and many others are GLOBAL artists.  We only attach Nigeria to their names because they are from there. They are bigger than Nigeria. Their value is so high and they are highly demanded in every market ( Country ). 

Cameroonians need to stop complaining and add more value to their brands, learn, network, and grow.

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