Legendry: 30 Artist Olamide Brought to Fame

Olamide Adedeji, affectionately known as "Baddo," has emerged as a true luminary in the Nigerian music scene. With over a decade of industry experience, Olamide has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to recognize and foster emerging talent. In this comprehensive exploration, we'll delve into the profound impact Olamide has had on the careers of 30 artists, elucidating the ways in which his mentorship, collaborations, and artistic prowess have propelled these individuals to the pinnacle of fame.

1. Fireboy DML

Under the tutelage of Olamide and signing with YBNL Nation, Fireboy DML swiftly ascended to prominence with chart-toppers like "Jealous" and "Vibration."

Olamide's guidance was instrumental in helping Fireboy carve his unique sound and image.

2. Asake

Olamide's collaboration with Asake on the hit single "Omo Ope" proved his knack for spotting raw talent.

Asake's swift rise to fame underscored the impact of Olamide's co-sign.

3. Adekunle Gold

   - Olamide recognized Adekunle Gold's distinctive blend of Afrobeat and R&B, leading to his signing with YBNL Nation.

   - Adekunle Gold's subsequent success serves as a testament to Olamide's keen eye for unique artistry.

4. Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh's meteoric rise to prominence was largely attributable to Olamide's mentorship and support.

The YBNL signee quickly established himself as a dominant figure in the Nigerian music landscape.

5. Naira Marley

Naira Marley's controversial yet spectacular rise was aided by Olamide's unwavering support and numerous collaborative efforts.

Their collaborations amplified Naira Marley's presence on the Nigerian music scene.

6. Bella Shmurda

Bella Shmurda's breakout hit "Vision 2020" gained new life when Olamide hopped on the remix.

The collaboration solidified Bella Shmurda's status as one of Nigeria's emerging stars.

7. Viktoh

As a YBNL signee, Viktoh enjoyed the benefits of Olamide's mentorship and industry exposure.

His recognition in the music industry was significantly enhanced through this association.

8. Zlatan Ibile

 Zlatan's rise to stardom was expedited by collaborations with Olamide and other Nigerian artists.

 Olamide's ability to recognize Zlatan's talent played a pivotal role in his success.

9. Davolee

Davolee's career received an indispensable boost from Olamide's mentorship, culminating in impactful collaborations.

His profile within the Nigerian hip-hop scene was elevated through this association.

10. Lyta

Lyta's affiliation with YBNL and Olamide's mentorship provided him with the ideal launching pad for his music career.

His journey in the Nigerian music scene owes much to Olamide's unwavering support.

11. Bad Boy Timz

Olamide's co-sign and subsequent collaborations with Bad Boy Timz were instrumental in solidifying his place as a promising artist.

His ascent to fame can be attributed, in part, to Olamide's guidance.

12. CDQ

CDQ's recognition in the music industry was accelerated through Olamide's support and collaborative efforts.

 His affiliation with Olamide opened doors to wider audiences and opportunities.

13. Picazo Rhap

Although Picazo Rhap has since embarked on a solo journey, his inclusion in YBNL showcased Olamide's knack for discovering raw talent.

   His tenure with YBNL served as a stepping stone for his career.

14. Terry Apala

Terry Apala's fusion of Apala music with contemporary sounds garnered recognition, partly due to Olamide's influence.

 Collaborations with Olamide provided a platform for his unique style to shine.

15. Young John

Known as the Wicked Producer, Young John's collaborations with Olamide resulted in several chart-toppers.

Their creative synergy produced infectious hits that resonated with audiences.

16. Ti Blaze

Ti Blaze, affiliated with YBNL, witnessed increased visibility and growth in his career under Olamide's mentorship.

Olamide's ability to nurture young talent shone through in Ti Blaze's journey.

17. Fave

While not directly signed to YBNL, Fave's collaborations with Olamide showcased the impact of his influence.

Her rising status in the music industry further underscored Olamide's role as a mentor

18. Portable

Portable's affiliation with Olamide's YBNL family contributed significantly to his recognition in the Nigerian music scene.

Olamide's support allowed Portable to thrive in the competitive music landscape.

19. Phyno

Olamide's collaborations with Phyno solidified the latter's status as a top-notch rapper in the Nigerian music industry.

Their partnership yielded memorable hits that resonated with fans.

20. Dice Ailes

Dice Ailes gained fame through collaborations with Olamide and other prominent artists.

 Olamide's support bolstered Dice Ailes' career and introduced him to a broader audience.

21. Reminisce

Olamide and Reminisce's collaborative efforts in tracks such as "Local Rappers" contributed to Reminisce's fame as a Nigerian indigenous rapper.

Their synergy showcased the power of collaboration in the industry.

22. DJ Enimoney

 DJ Enimoney, Olamide's younger brother, is a prominent Nigerian DJ and artist known for hits like "Oya Dab."

 Their familial and professional ties highlight the depth of Olamide's influence.

23. Chinko Ekun

Chinko Ekun's signing to YBNL and Olamide's mentorship significantly raised his profile.

His rap skills and unique style flourished under Olamide's guidance.

24. Ycee

Although not directly signed to YBNL, Ycee's career benefitted from Olamide's mentorship and collaborations.

Olamide's co-sign played a pivotal role in Ycee's recognition.

25. DopeNation

Olamide's feature of the Ghanaian duo DopeNation on his track "Naami" helped amplify their recognition in Nigeria.

The collaboration was a testament to Olamide's pan-African influence.

26. Danny S

 Danny S's collaboration with Olamide on the street anthem "Waka Jeje" further solidified his status in the Nigerian music scene.

The track became an instant hit, showcasing their musical chemistry

27. Jaido P

Jaido P's partnership with Olamide on "Tesinapot" showcased Olamide's commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

 The collaboration exposed Jaido P to a wider audience.

28. Sp Shitta

Olamide's unique ability to spot hidden gems extended to artists like Sp Shitta, who gained recognition with his mentorship.

 Sp Shitta's story serves as a testament to Olamide's dedication to supporting grassroots talent.

29. Jay Willz

 Jay Willz's career trajectory experienced a positive upswing through his collaborations with Olamide.

 Their combined efforts produced music that resonated with fans, contributing to Jay Willz's growth.

30. Senth

Senth is yet another artist who tasted recognition in the Nigerian music industry, courtesy of Olamide's influence.

Their partnership showcased Olamide's role as a catalyst for burgeoning careers.


Olamide's indomitable presence in the Nigerian music industry has left an indelible mark on the careers of these 30 artists. His mentorship, collaborations, and unwavering support have been instrumental in catapulting them to fame and acclaim. Beyond being a prolific artist himself, Olamide's legacy is intertwined with the narratives of these emerging talents, illustrating his profound influence in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

As these artists continue to thrive and innovate, Olamide's name remains synonymous with excellence and mentorship. His commitment to nurturing young talent and championing diverse sounds ensures that his impact will endure for generations to come, leaving an indomitable imprint on the vibrant Nigerian music scene. Olamide's journey from a rising star to a mentor of stars serves as a testament to the enduring power of passion, talent, and mentorship in the world of music.

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